Motiva’s outpatient counseling staff and consultants include experienced and friendly professionals, psychologists,  and marriage and family therapists dedicated to helping families, couples, children, adolescents and adults achieve fulfilling and productive lives.

We treat each individual with respect and aim to honor their trust and confidence. We see our clients as part of a larger group, family, community and cultural context. Our services are family-centered and goal-oriented, and our approach uses common sense, practical and effective interventions.


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Autism & Developmental Disabilities

Dedicated to the provision of behavioral health consultation to individuals, families and community organizations. Motiva Associates provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programs and services to children with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

Motiva ABA’s highest priorities are to benefit each child and help our consumers reach their potential in all areas of their lives as well as in their communities. Another goal is to increase family and community awareness about individuals with disabilities and the resources and services available.



Consultation and Training

Our comprehensive training curriculum includes behavior theory, behavior analysis, behavioral teaching techniques, program development and assessment. The following outline describes the training components we offer.

We can also tailor a specific training agenda to meet particular needs.