Free Services


Problem Gambling Treatment

  • Free for problem gamblers and their affected others
  • Staff trained by the State of California to treat problem gambling

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Counseling Services for Children Ages 0-5 (free of cost)

Motiva Associates is subcontracted by Family Health Centers of San Diego and Palomar Health through their Healthy Development Services (HDS) to provide Behavioral Level 1B and Behavioral Level 3 services. Services are offered in English and Spanish for families with children ages 0-5.

Parenting Classes (behavior level 1B):

Parenting classes are provided in both Central and East Region. The curriculum used is Pathway to Competence. Classes are for 10 weeks and meet once a week for 2 hours. Through this course parents receive incentives provided by First 5 and at the conclusion of the classes parents receive a certificate of completion.
The key objective of the class is to assist parents in understanding the “why” of their children’s challenging behaviors and how to address these non-desired behaviors. This class will deal with more than just behaviors.

The class will address such topics as:
  • Understanding development and temperament
  • Secure attachment
  • Language and communication
  • Positive-self esteem
  • Emotional regulation

The classes are being offered for instance, at schools, libraries, and health care clinics.


Coaching and Counseling Services

Level 3 behavioral services are being offered in Central, East and North Inland Region. This service is more intensive and is provided at the families’ home. Length of the service can be up to 10 visits; meeting once a week for 1.5 hours. The major objective is to address any behavioral concerns that the family might be currently having.
Two models are used, Positive Behavior Solutions (PBS) or Trauma-Focus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT).  The family is taught to identify the function of behavior and how to address non-desired behaviors as well as how to reinforce desired behaviors.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Berenice Salas at:
(619) 827-1991 ext.242/224 or e-mail her at