Autism and Developmental Disabilities

Motiva Associates provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programs and services to children with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

Motiva ABA’s highest priorities are to benefit each child and help our consumers reach their potential in all areas of their lives as well as in their communities. Another goal is to increase family and community awareness about individuals with disabilities and the resources and services available.
These services may be funded by the San Diego Regional Center, your current insurance provider or privately.

Developmental Services

Early Intervention (ages, 1-3)

Motiva Associates’ Early Intervention Program is a multi-disciplinary program serving infants and toddlers under the age of three years with a developmental delay in the following areas; intellectual functioning, physical or motor skills, communication skills, social emotional development and adaptive development.

Services are provided in-home and address five domains; cognitive, motor, adaptive, social/emotional and language.

Infant Education Program (ages, 1-3)

Our in-home, early intensive intervention program teaches children ages 1-3 pre-academic, behavioral, social, and school readiness skills. Upon entry to the program we provide a full assessment to develop goals and objectives for every child’s individualized program.

This is an in-home intensive behavioral program focusing on challenging behaviors, and promoting functional communication, socialization skills, play skills, adaptive daily living and self-help skills.

Project ImPACT Program (ages, 1-3)

Project ImPACT (Improving Parents aCommunication Teachers) for Toddlers

This is a naturalistic approach designed to coach parents and caregivers of 12-24 month olds to support their children’s development. The evidence-based approach combines behavioral and developmental strategies to increase children’s social communication and play skills during daily activities.

Project ImPACT for Toddlers is specifically designed for families who have early concerns about their child’s social communication.

The program has been streamlined from the original , provides toddler-focused examples, incorporates parent engagement strategies, and facilitates the use of the strategies in typical parent-toddler routines.

Services are provided in home or in the office and sessions take place two times per week for 12 weeks.

Intensive Behavioral Intervention Program (ages, 3-above)

This is an in-home intensive behavioral program focusing on addressing goals in the following areas:

  • Challenging behaviors
  • Functional communication
  • Social and play skills
  • Self-help skills
  • Safety awareness

ABA methodology is used to teach individuals and train parents in strategies to attain their program goals.

Focused Behavioral Intervention Program (ages 6 – above)

This service is offered to all eligible individuals of any age with challenging behavior problems.

Focused ABA services address the same areas as intensive services (i.e., challenging behaviors, functional communication, social and play skills, self-help skills, and safety awareness).   Services target a limited amount of goals and include parent/caregiver training, modeling skills with clients and some 1:1 work with clients.

Behavioral Consultation Services

This service is offered to all eligible individuals of any age with challenging behavior problems.

Behavior Modification Services (BMS) are provided in-home. In addition, Motiva begins with an assessment of the challenging behavior, followed by development of a behavior intervention plan that the parent/family can implement, parent/family training in behavior modification techniques for behavior difficulties, functional communication skills training, and self-help skills that will also increase caregiver competency in dealing with future challenging behaviors that may arise.

School Consultation and Training

Motiva ABA provides supervision and consultation of ABA and structured teaching programs provided in school districts.

Our staff trains and supervises school district staff and evaluates programming for children in need of these services. Teacher and staff hands-on training includes basic principles of behavior, applied behavior analysis, and teaching techniques used for children with Autism and other developmental disabilities.